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Transform your event into an empowering experience.

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MC Sam offers tailored event solutions, from meticulous planning to seamless execution.

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Reduce the financial and wellbeing costs of burnout caused by Imposter Syndrome.

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Sam will happily work with you to make your event unique and memorable.

MC Endorsements

"Sam brought energy and charisma to the stage, engaging the audience and creating a vibrant atmosphere. He ensured the evening ran smoothly, keeping it dynamic and entertaining, showcasing a true mastery of the MC role."

Kellie Tunstall Shiel CEO, MBCM/ASM Melbourne, Australia

"Orator, poet and sage, Sam. Thank you for your masterful rhetoric at every SCA (Vic) Pillar Awards. Demosthenes is incarnate and manifest. "

Tim Graham

Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers

Melbourne, Australia

“Sam brought energy, humour and pizzaz to the evening which was enjoyed by all.”

Gregor Evans

Director, The Knight

Melbourne, Australia

“Sam engaged the room, had an amazing energy, the right / relevant sense of humor to match the audience and was pleasant to watch."

Maree Baker

Underwriting Relationship Manager, CHU

Melbourne, Australia

Kickstart Your Confidence with Sam's FREE Online Course

Break the Imposter Syndrome Cycle.

FREE 5-Day Plan to Ditch the Doubt and Embrace Your Expertise.

For Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives.

The Cutting-Edge of Personal Development

I can help you breakthrough your biggest limitations so you can fast-track your personal and professional growth.

Self Worth Sam is a skilled Demartini Method Facilitator, expertly trained by Dr. John Demartini, a global leader in human behaviour and psychology. Sam excels in guiding professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives to unlock their true worth.

Employment Engagement Strategies for Your Team

The Demartini Method is a powerful and efficient tool for lasting personal transformation. It helps balance emotions, resolve conflicts, and gain clarity in any area of life. It enhances performance, decision-making, and leadership skills, leading to greater career satisfaction, effective communication, and improved overall professional and business growth.

Client Testimonials

"The progress I've made with Sam is leaps and bounds beyond what any therapy or coaching could do. Sam's work is transformative!"

Corrine Westphal
Editor and Writer, France

“My session with Sam was truly mind-blowing." 

Laura G. Chirinos

Producer, Actor & Director, USA

"One session with Sam cleared more black clouds than anything I have ever previously experienced."


Graham Harvey

CSP & Business Coach, Australia

"Sam had me seeing the butterflies and Imposter Syndrome for the natural distractions they are, and finding the calm – and dare I say enjoyment – of being myself in the spotlight."

David Fedirchuk

Head of Business Development, Canada

"Sam’s coaching style is direct, on point, and powerful."


Anna Ngan Tran

Professional Coach, Vietnam

“I was able to release the negative emotion attached to an episode in my life that took place nearly a decade ago."

Tara Saxon

Business Owner, Australia

"I was able to love and appreciate things that I had been resenting within myself for years."

Nicole Thompson

University Professor, Canada

“I gained considerable insight and clarity to take my business, career, and personal life to the next level."

Vernon Webb

Managing Director, USA

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